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There are three various brushing modes that makes this device perfect for all of your oral hygiene uses.Their dominance and longevity in the industry have allowed them to develop a wide library of brush heads along with easy-to-find replacements.

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One of the main draws of the Sonicare for Kids is the ability to use the toothbrush with an app (read: game).The DiamondClean also offers an adjustment feature to ease your initial transition period — starting with lower vibrations that gradually increase over 14 sessions.

Buycott is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.The Oral-B 1000 also offers a variety of different brush heads to match your comfort level.Replacing brush heads with the 2 Series also takes very little effort compared to competitors, a couple of which took so much force to remove that we actually rocketed them across the room during testing.More importantly, the app was fun and got our young tester excited about brushing her teeth the next morning — no small feat.Brushing too hard causes a light in the handle to flash, indicating you need to ease up.

The handle vibrates and flashes a purple light until you ease up.By the way — this is our top mid-price pick for the best electric toothbrush.Find out how you can make the switch to an Oral-B electric toothbrush for a faster, more thorough clean.

Most electric toothbrushes offer a rechargeable battery that lasts, on average, two weeks per charge.Plus our power brushes remove significantly more plaque and improve gum health.Previously this electric toothbrush was known as the Oral-B Professional Care 3000.

The Oral-B Disney toothbrush for kids is an oscillating model and a solid alternative, but the small handle size means kids will outgrow it faster.We agree — the 2 series made us feel more comfortable during the adjustment phase.Our biggest issue with the Sonicare 2 Series is that it has no pressure sensor.If your gums are prone to bleeding or irritation, a sonic model like the DiamondClean may be a better match.We do not accept P.O. Boxes. NOT for the Rotadent Plus Model.The benefit of a slower pace is that it decreases the likelihood of the tickling sensation characteristic of sonic models, like our top pick.

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The right toothbrush for you depends on your personal preference—do you want a classic brush that costs a couple bucks at the drugstore.A little extra thought and care will help you avoid brushing too hard, but those looking for more guidance may want to invest in the Sonicare DiamondClean.

As a sonic toothbrush, the DiamondClean delivers up to 62,000 brush strokes per minute — great for cleaning teeth.But testing revealed that the sensor requires excessive force in order to activate.

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Beyond that, you can expect a single button that activates the toothbrush and a light that notifies you when the battery is running low.This is a highly recommended feature by all of our experts — many competitors require excessive pressure to activate this feature, and we appreciate that the DiamondClean is so responsive.We appreciated this during testing, as it makes the whole experience feel more thoughtful.The Oral-B Vitality Sensitive rechargeable electric toothbrush features a compact, round brush head that surrounds each tooth with extra soft bristles to gently clean teeth and gums better than a manual brush.There are dozens of electric toothbrushes out there with wildly differing price points, all claiming to do the same thing: clean your teeth.In terms of the brushes themselves, we tested the Goby and Quip models and were impressed with their straightforward, low-hassle designs.As each electric toothbrush arrived at the BestReviews lab, we checked packaging, instructions, and whether or not an initial charging period was required before it could be used.

A single button on the handle makes control a breeze, and built-in lights display the current mode and battery life.If you already have good brushing technique, opting for a budget toothbrush with fewer features may be the better choice for you.If this sensation bothers you, you may be better off with the Oral-B Genius Pro 8000, which has slower vibrations.

Using a brush head with softer bristles can improve brushing for those with sensitive teeth — even more so than with sonicare heads (which still brush at higher speeds).But as we saw with the DiamondClean, a higher price tag generally correlates to the best the industry has to offer.Electric toothbrushes come in two different styles: oscillating or sonic.

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