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I agree with the estimation that 99% of customers are NOT affected, and the lack of a public disclosure is more than likely intended to discourage return abuse.Maybe your experience includes being able to answer these questions.

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In most cases, an ID fulfills the requirement but I am aware of a town nearby that requires proof of identification beyond a photo ID and the biometrics fulfill that requirement.On another occasion a store manager told me that it was required because Best Buy has to follow policies associated with pawn shops when they buy back iphones or ipads or computers.This policy actually was instituted a few years ago and was covered by our local news here in the Dallas - Fort Worth Texas area at the time.

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This seems like a slightly older version, while the exact wording may have changed slightly the gist of the message is still 100% the same.We did have one shopper that would ANNUALLY return anywhere from 30-100 items at once just a day before the 90-days was up just 30 minutes before closing.

I have purchased many items. and returned a few. but they are convenient, and if you shop well, compare prices and take advantage of their price match guarantee, you can do well.

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I personally do not buy computers from best buy, only hardware items.Consumer Reports looks at the best and worst policies on returning gifts. for returning most items.Items can be returned within 30 days of receipt. including instructions for returning,.Best Buy probably needed to fulfill some requirement beyond IDs for certain areas, and a fingerprint fulfilled that requirement.Customers may get away with this but it does cost someone and I would stand by the store in cases where its done on a large scale by an individual.See the Best Buy orders status, orders and Return and exchange policy for info on returning or exchanging laptops, cell phones and other items.

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Please select what best describes the information: This information is confusing or wrong.A once and a while return is no big deal but a calculated high frequency of returns is costly to merchants.

In many cities in California Best Buy requires a fingerprint in addition to drivers license for returns or trade-ins.

Best Buy Return Policy Will Extend To 30 Days

Customers also have a right to contact TRE and dispute things that are on their return history.So BB is now doing that (though I thought they already were).

Return policy - Target : Expect More. Pay Less.

So start returning items to TJ Maxx without a receipt as. best buy will return items without receipt more likely.

Rather sad as I spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years on electronics, TVs, home theater gear and appliances.Cash purchases, no receipts, and areas not identifiable will require an ID.I asked what they were doing and was told they track returns by ID at that time due to loss prevention of bad returns.

Questions that the store general manager, a customer service representative at 1-888-BEST-BUY, and a TRE representative could not answer.

What's Best Buy's Policy on returning a recently bough

Unfortunately, returning that not-quite-right gift can be tricky. You may return items purchased online to a Best Buy retail store.I would request a copy of your returns from TRE and look it over for discrepancies if you feel that there were errors made.How to Return Unwanted Holiday. 2. email address of the person returning the item.

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